Pavan Mukhi

Foreign Beggars

"Recording at Tom Donovan's studio was a magical mystery tour into the mind.. the juxtaposition of the seasoned mechanics and the unjaded energies of rappers who don't live in London really made for a transcendental recording experience, Tom also mixes really loud so when you are blazing a fatti after a take you can really feel the 3.7k's in your urethra.. great times, great peoples, great ribena"

Vanessa Higgins

BPI | Goldbar Records 

Regent St Records

"Unbelievable work ethic, creative and musicianship skills, and a great space to make music in"

"Toms possibly the best human producer I've worked with, he could only be bettered by musical robot of some sort, failing finding one of those Tom is your man"

Alex Osiris

Monster Florence

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