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Located on the picturesque outskirts of Colchester; a short train journey from Central London. It is located just over 3 miles (4.8 km) south-east of Colchester town centre; on the beautiful Colne water front.

Enveloped in the calm and creative environment of Rowhedge. Tom Donovan Studio is a place to escape the distractions of the creative industry.  Allowing you to focus and use the studio as a vessel for your creativity 

Facilities include client parking | high speed broadband | CCTV 

live streaming | conferencing | air-conditioning | free coffee

The Studio


The Live Room

A beautiful live room, boasting 6m high ceilings, and enough floor space to cater for large bands, choirs or ensembles. The live room is equipped with an eclectic collection of instruments, microphones and amplification, wooden floors, acoustically treated walls and elegant lighting help stimulate the creative ambience of the studio. The live room is tie-lined to both control rooms and the loft area.


Control Room 01

Control room 01 is based on a design from David at studio design leaders White Mark. The room's tight and exciting sound provides the foundations for an almost perfect audio experience. Concrete speaker stands coupled with ISO acoustic speaker mounts means that barely any energy is lost in playback whilst tracking, mixing or mastering. ​ Control room 01 boasts an impressive array of high end outboard, including gear from SSL, Neve, Empirical Labs and Alan Smart. Control room 01 is a room within a room within another room design, is fully soundproofed and has a full line of sight through the studio. Other facilities include full air-conditioning, heating, 5-seater corner sofa and inspiring mood lighting.


Control Room 02

Control room 02 is situated in the centre of the studio; with triple glazed glass on the front and back walls, giving you full view of control room 01 and the live room in a perfectly soundproofed and acoustically treated surrounding. The room can be used to mix, video edit or tracking; the room is armed with an Onkyo 5:1 surround system. Control room 01 is tie lined to both Control room 01, the live room and the loft space. Other facilities include air-conditioning, sofa seating for 6 people.



Sky Room is the newest addition to the studio complex. Originally built as a sound proofed chill out room, with a view looking down on the live room. On a recent visit from producer Adam Jordan (aka New Machine), he was looking for a quiet space to escape technological distractions of the studio... what was created in the room was pretty special, with a vibe that lends itself to a more intimate and dry feel. Over the course of his stay at the studio he worked on tracks with both Foreign Beggars and Sumgii. Adam aptly named this room Sky Room. The room has now been accidentally turned into a fully functional production suite, with tielines to the rest of the studio complex, leather seating, chilled lighting and a full view of the live room.

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