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Our services allow you to have your tracks mixed and mastered by our award winning studio.  We will provide you with a downloadable version or versions of your songs.  We will also keep you sessions backed up for year after the completion of your project,

When booking our mix or mastering, please read our how to prepare your sessions instructions.

Each package contains a number of revisions .  The revisions are based on changes made to the original session files sent and the mix you have received.  Please contact us if you require any new files, recorded tracks or different mixes added to the session after we have commenced mixed or mastering

Please get in contact if you require any of the extra services stated on each package




  • please remove any plugins on tracks, unless they provide creative support to the track.  If you are unsure please contact us before you send stems 

  • all stems should start at the same point

  • all files should be WAV or AIFF,  the minimum sample rate of 44.1khz and bit resolution of 16bit (24bit is recommended)

  • We do not accept session files only individual stems, unless agreed prior to service starting

  • If recorded to click, we would be grateful if you could provide us with the BPM



  • please supply stereo file of unmastered track, the minimum sample rate of 44.1khz and bit resolution of 16bit (24bit is recommended)

  • All versions (mix, instrumental, radio edit) of pre master should start at the same point.

  • Please give us as much headroom as possible, do not bounce or print your mix with any buss effects , unless they are crucial to the sound (i.e. side chaining)


We DO NOT provide refunds of any kind.  But wee strive to produce the highest quality product for you.  We believe that providing you with a poor quality product or unsatisfactory service looks bad on us as it does you. 

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