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FOREIGN BEGGARS | in the house....

We were blessed to have Pav and Ebow of legendary hip hop outfit Foreign Beggars in for a session today. This was somewhat of a dream come true as I've been listening to these guys dropped Asylum Seekers in 2004.


My band Monster Florence were writing a track with them for their new album, due 2017. We totally fucked with the way grime and hip hop should be written, and ended up setting a full band to create the music. Myself on beats, synths and guitar, Mike (Hemm) on Korg Minilog and Cameron Morrell on the most bizarre drum kit setup you ever seem... 3 snares in total.


We essentially jammed live an hour, recording the entire process... with different vocalists jumping in with bars. We whittled the entire session to a 20 second loop; which we then mangled and manipulated to the point of destruction; then retracked the 5 vocals on top, through a Sontronics Sigma and an AKG414 summed together through Analogue Addicts Germanium summing amp. This track bangs so hard and can't wait until they drop it.


Watch some of the live Facebook stream we did of a few freestyles...

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