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Back in April, me and my band Monster Florence, Foreign Beggars and a whole bunch of our mates, went into the studio; and wrote, produced, mixed and mastered 10 tracks from scratch over the course of 48 hours... to make things even more challenging; we decided to broadcast the entire process live on Facebook. What we came out with exceeded everybody's expectations; and have pledged that any money from the sales of the record will go to Helping the Homeless. Due to the amount of planning and red tape involved in actually getting the album into peoples ears, its taken quite a bit of time to get this bad boy out. But... its finally here. You can preorder it here ahead of its release this Friday (17/07/21)

To celebrate the release of the record, we have also put together a special one off performance of the record on Sunday 23rd July at the prestigious London Jazz Cafe. The lineup of the band features a number of the musicians involved in the creation of 48 and all of the vocalists. The album will be performance in its entirety, and then will follow onto some exclusive reworkings of both Monster Florence and Foreign Beggars. This is a show not to be missed. Tickets for the show here

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